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  • Stepping into the unknown
    Since the beginning, Celsium powered by Brunel has put the needs and mindset of today’s graduates first when researching the global mobility solutions required in today’s market.
  • Mobilizing the next generation
    As the world evolves and corporations develop their graduate programs to attract future leaders, the need for structured graduate mobility services has never been so important.
  • International relocation
    5 steps to a smooth international relocation
    It’s often said that moving house and starting a new job are among the most stressful of all life events (right up there with public speaking!). So imagine being relocated for work – you're moving and starting a new job at the same time and you’re in ...
  • A brief guide to employee relocation
    For better or for worse, global economy is here to stay and companies must think beyond national borders when they are assigning their best employees to available positions. Some managers are wary of employee relocation due to perceived complications ...
  • How to check whether your relocation allowance is large enough
    Sending employees to an office located abroad can be a savvy practice, particularly for companies looking to expand their area of operations. It’s essential to secure willing participation from the most suitable candidates, which often requires emplo ...
  • Man working on screen
    4 smart tips about international secondment
    International companies are just discovering some of the possibilities that can be realised through secondment of experienced workers. Consequently, this HR technique is still poorly understood and often misapplied in practice. That’s why we bring yo ...
  • Corporate travel management: 3 things you did not know!
    Doing business on the international level can be physically demanding, particularly when there is a need to travel across time zones. Experienced managers look to reduce the toll on their bodies, and are only willing to embark on such trips if they c ...
  • Photo blog relocation package
    What should an international relocation package include - part 3
    Is your company relocating an employee overseas for the first time? If so, your company may not have a relocation policy in place, and perhaps not much knowledge of what relocation support you should offer your employee. Read on to discover wh ...